A285-Les déchets, combien ça coûte ?

Auteur : AFD

Une analyse des coûts de traitement des déchets à partir d’études de cas : L’Agence française de développement (AFD) a piloté, avec Le Mans Université, l’association Gevalor, Urbananalyse et ALBWaste, le programme de recherche ORVA2D (Organisation de la valorisation des déchets dans les villes en développement), afin de mieux comprendre le modèle économique des filières …

A225-Fermentation and methanogenic characteristics of leafy biomass feedstocks in a solid phase

Auteur : Journal of Biotechnology

Biomass feedstocks, such as leaf litter, weeds and agro- residues, have been considered as alternative feedstocks to meet rural energy needs in India. Six different types of biomass substrates representing commonly available fresh and dry feedstocks were studied for their decom- position pattern and methanogenic activities in order to arrive at optimum design parameters for …

Biochemical methane potential of fruits and vegetable solid waste feedstocks

Auteur : source : Science Direct

Fruits and vegetable solid wastes (FVSW) represent a potential energy resource if they can be properly and biologically converted to methane. They are renewable and their net CO2 contribution to the atmosphere is zero. Over 60×106 tons of fruits and vegetables are produced annually in India, of which only 1% is processed in the fruit …